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Smart WIFI V-timer

Economy – Comfort and Safety
for the Water Heater’s Usage


Log in

Download the V-timer’s application on your mobile either from Google Play or App Store. The application is available for free.
Log in to the V-timer application and link your water heater. Now you can control your water heater’s operation anytime and from anywhere you want via V-timer’s application.
The connection is totally secured and personalized for each owner of the Smart Wifi V-timer.

Set the time

By using the V-timer’s application you can set when and for how long the water heater operates.
Control and adjust the time you wish the water heater to operate according to your preferences.


Time Scheduling

The V-timer application has a time scheduling function. The device can be time-scheduled on a weekly basis (i.e. create a schedule where the heater operates repeatedly every week), or daily (i.e. to create a schedule by choosing a specific day to operate the heater.)
Create the time schedule of your choice, where the water heater operates according to your preferences.

Power indication

While the water heater is on, a light indicator (green led) on the V-timer device informs you regarding the water heater’s operation status. Moreover, you can always see the remaining time from your mobile through the V-timer’s application.



As soon as the operating time elapses, the water heater turns off automatically. Moreover, V-timer emits an audible alarm (for 10sec) which lets you know when the water is warm and ready for use.

Power relay

Every V-timer package includes the HIMEL 25A power relay, which is necessary for the device installation.


Additional Features of the Smart Wifi V-timer:

  • Indication of previous activations.
  • Activity history.
  • Continuous display of the remaining operating time per minute.
  • Ability of using the device manually, as the Analog V-timer.
  • Ability to operate two or more water heaters, through the application.