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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Installing V-timer is simple but only by an electrician. For safety reasons, it is recommended the device to be installed by a professional.
A professional electrician can install the V-timer in approximately 30 minutes, so it shall not be more than 30€.
In case your electrical panel is full, the electrician who will install the device can remove the existing switch, putting it into permanently “on” status. Besides, the operation (turning on) of the water heater will be set by V-timer.
It is mandatory for the V-timer to be installed by a licensed electrician. Click here for installation instructions for electricians.
V-timer is functioning only with electric water heaters and / or with electric-solar panels.


First of all, extend the device's operating time. It is possible that your water heater need to be turned on for longer time to cover the needs of your household. If it still does not work, contact the electrician who made the installation to verify that there is no impairment.


The setting of V-timer depends on the area where you live, the season and the size of the water heater. For this reason, V-timer has a setting that you allows you to modify and adjust it after the first use. For a house in Greece's mainland with a water heater of 180lt, 7 minutes in the summer and 12 minutes in the winter is considered as a good setting.


The V-timer can be obtained from the authorized Electrical Hardware stores, which you will find on our site at the Points of Sale page.


(Warranty 2 years)

Terms and Procedures

  • The V-timer guarantees the good operation of its products by covering the defects which are due to manufacturing errors or material failures from the factory which may come up during their operation.
  • The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase as stated on the legal purchase receipt or on the warranty form (if included in the package) and has a duration equal to 2 years.

Product under warranty:

  • For the products that are under warranty and have a malfunction due to a hardware failure, free repair will be performed.
  • In case the repair is not possible, the defective material will be replaced free of charge.
  • The method and the shipping costs to and from the technical support points of V-timer only in case of defective product V-timer shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the company.

Product without Warranty

Out of warranty are considered:

  • The warranty is void if the defect is due (as it arose) to incorrect installation, misuse, negligence and violation or incorrect adjustment.
  • Warranty is also canceled if the damage is due to any interventions, changes and / or repairs performed by unauthorized persons.
  • V-timer is not responsible for the installation of the devices.
  • V-timer products can only be installed by a licensed electrician.