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Analog V-timer

Economy – Comfort and Safety
for the Water Heater’s Usage


Operating Time

By rotating the switch, you set the water heater’s operating time easily. The operation time is able to change from summer to winter. In most countries, depending on their climate, 15 minutes in wintertime and 7 minutes in summertime are enough to cover someone’s needs


Simply press the V-timer’s black start-stop button to turn the water heater on.
You no longer need to worry about turning it off, you can do or work on something else.
Switching off: In case you want to halt the water heater’s operation earlier than the scheduled time, just press the start-stop button again.


Power Indicator

During the water heater’s operation, there is a green light indicator on the device that keep you updated regarding its operation status.
Before taking a shower, make sure the green light is off, for safety reasons.


As soon as the operating time elapses, the water heater turns off automatically. Moreover, V-timer emits an audible alarm (for 10sec) which lets you know when the water is warm and ready for use.


Power relay

Every V-timer package includes the HIMEL 25A power relay, which is necessary for the device’s installation.